County – Auxia

Duchy – Kybourne

Kingdom – Aequitas

Ruling Family –

Focus – Forestry, Mining, Banking, Fungiculture, Stone Working, Smithing, Gem Cutting/Jewelry Smithing

Synopsis –
The seat of The Wyrmberg guild within the kingdom of Aequitas, the county of Auxia boasts mass production of raw resources and various crafting focuses. The county prides itself in being the art district within the Hrothi Alliance of Aequitas (HAA), the “kingdom under the mountain”. With its various workshops, forges, and guild assets, it endeavors to exist as the main supplier of both artisan style goods and military equipment for the HAA. It is particularly well known for producing some of the finest Hrothi armor and weapons in existence, and lends credence to the reputation given to Hrothi arms of being naturally of excellent quality. The final note of importance is it’s large, hardened vaults and stable financial institutions, which are used to store valuables throughout the kingdom. Those protecting the vaults know of the reputation their vaults have, and are some of the best soldiers within the kingdom. Although membership of The Wyrmberg is not necessarily mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. Those wishing to form up sister guilds are also welcome.

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