Code of Conduct

The following guidelines apply to all members of the Kingdom of Aequitas Discord, to all Kingdom of Aequitas affiliated discords and the Kingdom of Aequitas Website. If a member is seen to be in violation of these guidelines, the King or High Assembly will take disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Kingdom and discord and/or revoking access to the website.

  1. Respect others – Do not make comments with the intent to provoke or harass based on a person’s nationality, gender, race, sexuality, in-game affiliations, etc. This extends to other Kingdoms and groups within the community.
  2. Respect privacy – Do not make public or share private information about others without their consent or approval.
  3. NSFW restrictions – Do not post NSFW content in any channel within the Kingdom discord that does not have an NSFW label, or anywhere on the Kingdom of Aequitas website.
  4. Follow the Soulbound Studios Code of Conduct– Do not share NDA information, or break the Soulbound Studios Code of Conduct.
  5. Respect Kingdom leadership – If you disagree with a decision made by Kingdom leadership, a website moderator or a moderator of the discord, take your issue directly to a member of the High Assembly rather than discussing it in a public forum.