Duchy of Randale

Ruling Family – House Lyall

The Duchy of Randale –

“A mann might befriend a wolf,

even break a wolf,

but no mann could truly tame a wolf.”


The Wolves of WolfLands though they look tame, are  most definitely not tame, it is believed that they come from the wolves of the Tigra, and like the wolves they still have an untamed aura to them.

If you are lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to enter The Wolflands of Aequitas you will find a fierce and loyal people to the  Lyall family  and to each other, as well as any they call pack member.

The Brudvir are one of the most physically impressive tribes and combined with their yellowish eyes and pronounced canines, the massive Brudvir can be an intimidating tribe to encounter and make for some of the Kingdom’s most feared warriors.

With their close connection to the land and its animals many of the WolfLand citizens  are seen in the company of companion animals, most often that of a Wolf, it is believed that by having a wolf as a companion they are helping the wolf to learn the lessons needed for it to reincarnate into Mann, and specifically as a Brudvir.

The WolfLands offer player freedom within a community of like minded players, from our Military units to our industry, culture, advancement of technology, or just exploring the world, you will find a home and family here in Wolflands.
The goals of The WolfLands is to provide a safe place for players, encourage growth in industry and supply the Kingdom with the best trained warriors to protect the land and the people.


Duchy of Randale https://discord.gg/3cXbWgc


The Counties in the Duchy of Randale include:


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Lupus Noctem

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