High Assembly

Aequitas High Assembly

Role of the King:

In the first Tribal Moot, Clan Reves was elected as Bruékonne (Monarch) of all of the Clans. The role of the Bruékonne is to serve as defender of the realm in times of war and act as voice of reason and mediator between the clans. The Bruékonne is responsible for International trade and relations as well as maintaining consistent laws and regulations across the Clans.  To achieve this the Bruékonne has established the High Assembly.

How the Assembly is selected:

Members of the Assembly are selected for their dedication and loyalty to Aequitas, when a member has been identified by the Monarch for their service, they may be offered a position on the Assembly. Any person can attain a position be they a common dirt farmer or the wealthiest merchant in the realm.

Powers of the Assembly:

The Assemblies powers are an extension of the powers invested in the monarchy, each member of the assembly represents a vestige of the king (be that trade/defence or justice). The Assembly has as little or as much power as is needed to fulfill the role the king has assigned them (power is given by the king and as such can be taken from an individual by the king).

Responsibilities of the Assembly:

The Assembly is responsible for enacting the policies and wishes of the king and their office, each member is a voice for the king in a certain assigned area. As such like the king each member of the Assembly must act in a way that represents the views and beliefs of Aequitarian life. A stringent guideline of these powers are explored in the Aequitas Constitution.

Current Members of the Assembly:

King: Emery Reves

Chancellor: Remios Reves

Member: Grimlock

Member: Ashivera Lyall

Member: Taymurâz Zakâr

Member: Vrinik Svars