Métismärle is a County that lies within the Duchy of Kybourne.  A very small and relatively new County, it nonetheless holds a fairly unique space within the broader Brudvir community.


One of the least mountainous regions of the Kingdom of Aequitas, nestled between the rockier Duchies, Métismärle is gently sloping grassy hills, with sparse woodland, ending at the coast in the busy little seaport town of Maaliline. Fields of various crops used in the creation of cloth and paper grow across the hillsides, watered by the streams that come down from the mountains into the valley.


Métismärle is named after a small tribe of Brudvir whom, after spending generations wandering with nomadic Waerd traders picked up many habits, customs and even accents that make them standout somewhat from other Brudvir. Considered somewhat eccentric, and strange by Brudvir standards, they still remained at their heart Brudvir, eventually settling down once more in their ancestral northern homelands. Marked by a greater willingness to accept other cultures and points of view than those attitudes typical of most other Brudvir within the Kingdom of Aequitas, as well as an eagerness to uphold community-minded and more “democratic” mindsets and customs. Waerd are especially tolerated within the lands of Métismärle, their view on community property even incorporated into County law, leading to a very flexible view on property rights, which can lead to conflict with other Brudvir.


Métismärle has a very heavy focus on trade, and much of the County production is focused on producing key goods for other nearby counties, such as cloth for ship building, or supplying paper to the royal courts of Aequitas. It imports timbers, stone, metals and food, as well as small volumes of exotic goods that the skilled local traders manage to acquire through their foreign contacts, which are then often re-sold on to the various Nobility of Aequitas at substantial profit margins.

Current Nobility:

The County is currently ruled over by Count Taymurâz Zakâr, the modern day descendant of the head of the Métismärle people who founded the County.

Notable Guilds and Schools:

Maaliline features the University of Natural History run by Count Zakâr, as well as a branch of both the Elyrian Initiative and Vanaheim Shipping Company, which Count Zakâr also plays a prominent role within.