County – Tchir

Duchy – Kybourne
Kingdom – Aequitas

Ruling Family – Hlauth
Bruégot of Kvet, Ümber Hlauth, the Gallowman (@Xyfilae)

Focus – Raiding/Pillaging/Hunting/Military defence/Fear

Tchir is a county of warriors and fear. The capital of Tchir; Kvet, is whispered in hushed tones by the neighboring towns, for fear of invoking the Bruégot of Kvet’s wrath. Outsiders are shunned by Tchirians, and lowlanders are slaughtered with a fanatic hate. Very few denizens of Kvet venture far beyond the borders, preferring instead to keep to themselves and away from outsiders. Capital punishment is the main form of justice, a deterrent for all crime, lest you hang from the trees, buildings and walls. To live in Tchir, is to be a northman and a killer. Tchir is a dangerous place for anyone not of the north.