The County of Vanaheim

Vanaheim, sits in the Duchy of Kybourne, in the Kingdom of Aequitas.

Vanaheim is a mix of the thrill of roaring ocean and the peace of the large trees surrounding its borders and towns. Vanaheim Port is the unequaled in trade and visitors. A bustling hub of trade and communal growth, Vanaheim projects a culture of wealth, balance, and prosperity with its focus on naval development, fishing and ocean exploration. Home to the finest fisherman (and woman) the marketplaces are always filled with fresh fish ranging from shore to deep sea and consumers are guaranteed to find whatever their heart desires in seafood form. With the great forest of Grǿnn Skógr nearby, the Vanaheim fleet is made of the finest wood and is frequently updated to keep it at the top-end of performance for the Kingdom. Led by Jarl Grimlok Haven, Vanaheim has seen tremendous growth in its prestigious climb to power. A man of admirable talents, he is seldom found in the halls of government, seeking the thrill of joining his citizens in the felling of trees, construction of ships or the masterful wrangling of deep sea fish. He is particularly well known for his crafty catch of the largest trout in the region whilst on an excursion to celebrate the annual holiday of Ostara the spring time festival.

Institutes dedicated to the craft of naval construction, development of fishing skills and the chartering of ocean exploration can be found in the major city of FellsHȃrft.

Port of Vanaheim

The Port of Vanaheim is the glowing harbor at the center of the city. Filled with the rough and burly sailors hauling crates off ships onto the docks, traders peddling their wares and waving fish through the air and the soft commute of travelers opting to travel via sea. Home to the finest sailors in Aequitas, the Port of Vanaheim has a constant flow of ships coming and going from trade routes and routine patrols of the high seas. The Vanaheim Customs Office Headquarters can be found at the port, as they screen all manner of objects to ensure that there is a legal transition in the trade of the goods. Not quite to your taste? Then make your way to the Taverns, where you’ll find weary travelers resting their heads, and energetic sailors preparing to engage in displays of strength and tales of bravado and espionage. Fine food and drinks aplenty can be found at the Taverns and are the ideal place for anyone looking to relax, engorge, or even find information.

Warriors of Vanaheim

“Vår er æren” – For ours is the honor – is the code by which every warrior of Vanaheim pledges their life. By honor, they are born, by honor they fight and by honor, they pass from this world into the veil of the divinities. At home on the raging sea, finding comfort in the midst of storms, Vanaheim’s soldiers are trained from the age of 7 whereby they can be asked before the sight of the gods, if it is their sole wish to become a warrior – moreover the choice of another. Rigorous training takes place until they come of age at 16 where they must complete a series of trials to prove that they have the spirit of Vanaheim within. Stationed to a fleet or to a quadrant of the County, the Warriors live out their lives in the service of their people and their king. Whilst some soldiers may be stationed inland portions of the Kingdom, they are still designated to a fleet during times of war or at the bequest of the Crown.

Positions Available

Vanaheim is in need of many citizens to fill differing roles and positions to the crown.

Mayors & Barons

Dedicated to the charge of their town, Mayors & Barons help to keep the community alive and functioning. Stationed throughout the County, Mayors, and Barons will rule their respective towns under the protection of the Jarl and will contribute to the greater Kingdom plan. Mayors and Barons will enjoy the freedom to explore their interests as the sole focus for their townships but may be asked to offer a secondary focus to support the needs of the County. With uninhibited access to the Jarl, Mayors & Barons will receive the support they need to run successful townships and keeps. In addition to this, Mayors & Barons will be kept apprised of Kingdom developments and of all the latest upgrades performed to ships and harbor technology. Mayors & Barons will also be expected to attend a meeting with the Jarl once a month, ensuring the utmost privacy and the undivided attention of the Jarl.

Tavern Keep

Responsible for creating tantalizing brews and delectable food, the Tavern Keep will operate the Tavern in the Capital City of Vanaheim. Exceptional service and the finest entertainment will be the laurels to your name as you offer up a service which is second to none! What can you expect from this role? Heavy foot traffic in the evenings, but particularly on the weekends as shops close and laborers unwind, with the additional frequenting of the Jarl and other respective Nobles.


They say a life on the sea, is a life that is fully lived and how true this is for Fishermen & Women. To feel the gentle tug of the rod, with the rhythmic hum of the ocean, and know that in the depths of the deep blue darkness, a fish is hanging on the end of your line. Prefer to not go on the sea, but operate by trade instead? Then this can also be an option for you. Silver-tongued masters of their trade, Fish Marketers can sell an ocean’s worth of fish each day, and still, have people coming back for more! Experience the thrill involved in this role, on both land and sea by enquiring with the Jarl today.

Shop Keeps and Port Traders

No City or County is complete without its shop owners and traders. Responsible for maintaining a high level of stock and turnover of goods, shopkeepers can expect to receive heavy support from the Jarl with their trade of choice. Be it that you need to urgently get a stock of goods from a neighboring county, transfer stock between the store, or even have another pair of hands to help around the store, the Jarl guarantees that you will receive the assistance you need! The Jarl guarantees to help keep the flow of goods from the ports in tip-top shape and to arrange out-of-county imports if necessary. Our Port Traders, on the other hand, will be responsible for maintaining the ports in all different roles. Ranging from Customs style inquisitions, to ensure that no illegal goods pass over the borders, through to arranging transportation of goods to their respective areas, or even through to selling to individuals directly at the port, there is a role for everyone at the Vanaheim Harbour.

Ship Hands

Responsible for the primary care and maintenance of the ships to which they are stationed, Ship Hands will be responsible for ensuring that the fleet is well-maintained and always prepared to sail. Whilst out on the open sea, Ship hands will assume a varying number of roles, ranging from galley chef through to fisherman through to Chief inspectors and navigational experts. The life of the Ship Hand is always changing and on the go and will present the opportunity for exploration as fleets conduct test runs across oceans to neighboring Counties and districts.

Carpenters and Ship Builders

Last, but certainly not least, Vanaheim requires skilled and novice Carpenters and Shipbuilders to help fulfill the dream of dominating the open seas. Charged with the construction of everything ranging from Boat Sheds, through to expansions to the harbor, through to developments in the Capital Cities, you can expect to have a full and permanent workload which will see you receive a generous remuneration.

Beast tamer/master

Jarl Grimlok is very interested in the location and taming of many beasts in his kingdom, whether used as pets, companions or as members of the elite fighting force beast tamers will be required to hunt, locate and tame different animals. Contracts to be given by the Jarl.

General Elyrians

All Elyrians are welcome within the lands of the Jarl. No Elyrians will find themselves without a purpose or cause. From a humble blacksmith to an adventurous dungeon finder.

The Vanaheim dream

The Goal for Vanaheim is to see it push the boundaries on the Ocean, to raise a force of soldiers who are fearless, filled with Vanaheim Pride and live in Honor.

Vanaheim Harbour will be a bustling Trade Center with ships coming and going always stretching further to bring new people and new items to our shore and onwards into the kingdom for further trade.

Vanaheim will be working with its closest neighbors to help build a thriving trade network.

If you wish to talk to the Jarl directly or just want to drop in to say hi, please join our discord: